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Turkey Hunter Survives
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Clanton Fire Department Responds! The Story


The streets of Clanton flooded Wednesday evening, May 27 when storms in the area dropped three inches of rain in some places. Road construction on Highway 31 is at a standstill until new plans are approved by the State Highway Department.

Problems with the construction arose when existing drain pipe was discovered to be too small for the new pipe to connect into.
In addition, an elevation change must be dealt with to improve the drainage. According to the project manager with the Highway Department, the holdup has been getting the state's approval on the new plans. Officials hope to start working again within the next few days.

The contractor had prevention measures in place to hold back the dirt and mud. The measures paid off during yesterday's rains, allowing mostly water to filter through the material. One restaurant owner reported that water entered his business during the flooding.


City of Clanton maintenance workers were at the Clanton Post Office Thursday morning, May 28 trimming trees. There have been complaints by citizens regarding the American Flag getting tangled in the trees next to the flag pole. City workers offered their help and cleared the limbs so the flag could fly freely.


Clanton firemen are on the scene of a home on fire at 9:30 Tuesday morning, May 26. There was heavy smoke and flames were showing when firemen arrived. The house is located at the end of Second Street south. No other information is available at this time.


Volunteers gathered at Goose Pond Park, in Clanton, on Tuesday, May 12, to pick up garbage along the creek banks and surrounding areas near Clanton City Park. Alabama Clean Water Partnership for the Lower Coosa Sub-Basin sponsored the event. Left to right are: Russell Harry, Steve Miles, Beau Battaglia, Mike Jones, Matt Jenkins, Brian Smith, Glenn Littleton, Heidi Richards, Frank Chitwood, and Kristine Goddard.

The group will hold another clean-up day on Thursday, May 28, beginning at 8:00 a.m. along the creek on 7th Street South in Clanton beginning around the bridge area. The group would like to educate the public and encourage them to not toss litter out of car windows.


National Nursing Home Week is being observed at Hatley Health Care and Rehabilitation, in Clanton, this week. Residents enjoyed a balloon release and reception on Monday. Chilton County Probate Judge Bobby Martin was on hand and read a proclamation declaring May 10-16 as National Nursing Home Week. This year's theme is "Bring On The Fiesta" and residents will have events to attend each day this week.


A traffic accident Sunday, May 10 at the 207 mile-maker caused northbound traffic to slow down. Clanton firemen responded to the scene, but no serious injuries were reported.

Road Project Runs Into
Problems And Delays

May 8, 2015 - - 10:20 a.m

The news didn’t get any better for downtown Clanton businesses last week. They are already hurting economically from the road construction that has closed Highway 31 at Highway 22 and it was announced that the project had run into problems that might delay the opening of Highway 31 until November of this year.

The highway project was at a standstill as of Monday. The project is on hold until decisions can be made about the new drain pipe being installed and connected to the existing pipe. The existing pipe is 12 inches and smaller than the new pipe which is 24 inches in diameter. The pipe is also higher in the ground than what was planned for the new storm drain.

According to Clanton Mayor Billy Joe Driver, the contractor is looking at options and trying to get construction underway again. Mayor Driver said he contacted officials Monday to see what was going on since no work was done on the project Friday and they did not work Monday. He said they were looking into a new plan of action and were in limbo right now.

“I don't know where we will go from here,” Driver said. He also said they had discovered an old manhole in the street that was filled with sand. The contractor will need to make plans for surface water when it rains heavy and channel water where it needs to go.


Anybody can claim national "patriotism." It takes dedication to a nation to become a patriotic citizen of that nation, who is willing (and able) to LIVE and (be willing to) die for what they believe to be good and right.

Unless you believe that -- and you practice some degree of liberty and justice in your life and dealings -- how can you be a viable and true citizen of a country, and you ENJOY the full rights and privileges of that country?

With the RIGHT TO VOTE, for example!

Ol' Tuck has always maintained -- and today it is more important to us than ever before -- that you have to EARN the right to VOTE in America. And then TRUST to keep it!

Because you cross a border from somewhere, and you are privileged by those who brought you here to be called (by them) "an American" -- does not make you a viable and contributing citizen with the privilege (and the POWER) to cast a ballot for or against whatever is taking place in AMERICA. Our nation is fractured because of that!

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