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People line up at Judge Robert M. "Bobby" Martin's Retirement Celebration on Sunday, January 13. Martin retires after 30 years of service as Chilton County Probate Judge. Two hours after the event began, folks were still coming in to greet the Judge.


Chilton County Sheriff John Shearon looks on as Deputies take their Oath Of Office Monday afternoon, January 14, at the Chilton County Courthouse in Clanton. The Sheriff began his second term in office on Monday.

Car Thief Takes Baby

A woman called 911 on Friday, January 11, stating she was in a store on Woodfin Lane, in Clanton, and her car had been stolen with her infant child in the vehicle.

While officers were responding, another 911 call was received from a nearby store. A woman told officers a man had exited a vehicle and said a baby was in the car. He then briskly walked away. The vehicle was found by officers with the child safely inside.

A video was obtained from the second store. It showed a man had entered the woods behind the building. Two K9 officers and their dogs responded and began tracking the suspect. Multiple shoe impressions were observed by the officers.

One of the K9 units recovered a pair of pants believed discarded by the man in the woods.

Officers made contact with the suspect walking in a nearby neighborhood, but did not believe him to be the man they were looking for due to the difference in the clothing he was wearing. After the discarded pants were found, detectives responded to the subject’s home.

A search warrant was executed and shoes were found that were wet and the patterns matched the tracks found by officers in the woods.
The suspect was arrested and placed in the Chilton County Jail.


Mary Mell Smith, left, a member of the Clanton City Council, and Billy Joe Driver, Clanton Mayor, are shown in front of Clanton's new "Welcome Sign" on Highway 31 south near Interstate 65.

Board Approves New Gas Tanks

The Zoning Board of Adjustment and Appeals for the City of Clanton met on Wednesday morning, January 9. Two items brought before the board involved issuance of special exception usage for fuel pumps to be located on two different parcels of land.

The first person on the agenda was Bobby Agee. He informed the Commission that he owns property on Logan Road where his late wife operated a restaurant.

His sons have been operating the business since her death. He has a prospective buyer for one acre of property who wants to add some gas pumps at the location. Agee stated it was his understanding that the buyers would continue to operate the restaurant, along with selling gasoline. “It is my understanding that it will be two separate businesses,” he said.

According to Gene Martin, City Building Official, in order for gas pumps to be installed on the property, owners first have to obtain a special exception use. Martin said, “The Board must adopt an ordinance granting the special exception and then it will go before the zoning board. I will deal with the plans as they are presented to make sure they meet all guidelines as set forth by the state.”

Space will determine the number of pumps that will be allowed, but Agee said there will be two pumps according to his proposed buyer. “The state will oversee everything,” Martin said. It will be monitored monthly by the state and ADEM.

Martin said, “We haven’t had many new fuel stations recently in Clanton.” He asked City Attorney John Hollis Jackson, Jr. if the new owners would also have to come before the Board. “I think since the application being made by Mr. Agee is based on the fact that he has a contract to sell the property, based on the contingency of approval of gas pumps being on the property, there would be no reason they would have to come back before the Board,” said Jackson.

The request was approved and Agee may proceed with the sale of the property.

The second proposal brought before the Commission was also a request for special exception for gas pumps to be installed at property located on Seventh Street North in Clanton. The property is in a former shopping center that once housed a restaurant, grocery store and pharmacy. A vehicle repair shop and storage area now occupy one of the buildings on the property.

Work began on the building, which housed a restaurant, last year. One member of the Board asked why they were just being presented with the request if work had already begun on the gas pump location.

Gene Martin stated work was stopped when it was realized by his office that the special exception had not been applied for or granted. A nearby property owner asked several questions regarding traffic flow, if there would be a traffic light installed, and sewer system issues in the area. Martin stated all traffic lights have to be ordered by the state and they seldom install one unless there have been multiple fatalities in the area.

He also reminded her that the area had two entrances, one off of Seventh Street and one off of Blacksnake Road. As for the sewer issues, a man representing the owner of the property, assured her they had taken precautions when renovating the building which will be a convenience store. The plumbing fixtures in the building have actually been reduced in number.

The Board unanimously approved the special exception use. There will be three gas pumps and one diesel pump at the station.

Distinguished Young Woman

A send-off party was held for Georgia Simpson, reigning Distinguished Young Woman of Chilton County on Sunday, January 6. She will be competing in the state DYW program January 18 and 19. Friends visited with Simpson to wish her luck at the state pageant next week. Left to right, Ella Smith, Simpson, Carly Meank and Ellie Harrison.

Wreckage Recovered

Wreckage of a helicopter that crashed in Chilton County on November 16 was recovered on December 18.

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Department responded to the scene of a helicopter crash on Lake Mitchell, near Cargile Creek, on Friday morning, November 16. The helicopter was part of a metro narcotics task force which includes five agencies in Georgia and Alabama. The flight was on a routine maintenance flight from Columbus, Georgia to Clanton.

Divers located the fuselage of the helicopter and were only able to search briefly due to visibility and the depth of Lake Mitchell. Dives were suspended until Saturday, November 17, when they were able to get a digital mapping of the aircraft. Due to a strong current, the bodies of the two people in the helicopter were not recovered at that time.

The water flow on the lake was gradually slowed during a process with Alabama Power Company. The wreckage of the helicopter is approximately 70 feet below the surface of the water. It should be recovered sometime next week.

The two bodies were recovered on Sunday, November 18. The deceased pilot was David Hall, 53, of Columbus, Georgia. He was a retired Columbus Police Officer of 28 years, but served the city as a pilot. A second body was recovered by dive teams, but the family has requested that no information be released.

The Federal Aviation Association is investigating, but the National Transportation Safety Board will rule the probable cause of the accident.

Master Gardener Classes
Will Begin In January

Are you interested in sharpening your gardening skills? If so, the Chilton County Extension office is offering the Master Gardener Volunteer Program beginning January 23 at the Extension Office in Clanton.

The purpose of this nationwide Extension education program is to train interested gardeners to help others solve their home horticulture problems. The course is designed for non-professionals with an interest in increasing their gardening skills and helping others with the knowledge they've gained.

The course will last 12 weeks (Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.) and after completing the course, Master Gardener interns will be expected to give 50 hours of volunteer service to Extension and their communities. Any volunteer effort that relates to gardening will be accepted. Examples of volunteer efforts would include giving garden club programs, community garden projects, diagnosing plant problems or assisting the local Cooperative Extension Office in some way.

Specialists from the Alabama Cooperative Extension System and the local county Extension Office will be the instructors for the course. The topics to be covered include Soils and Plant Nutrition, Plant Physiology, Entomology, Plant Pathology, Care of Landscape Plants, Landscape Design, Plant Selection, Lawn Care, Weed Identification, Houseplants, Vegetable Gardening, Home Orchards and Plant Propagation.

There is a fee for the class and it is limited to 20 people. For more information about this fun and informative class, or for an application form, contact the Chilton County Extension Office at 205-280-6268.


Those In THE LIBERAL “MEDIA" Are Bewildered
By American Tradition And History!

There are too many in America today who talk incessantly (especially those in the so-called "liberal media on television") about how our country WAS back in the 1950s and 60s. They have NOT A CLUE what they are talking about -- because they didn't LIVE IT! And the "education" that most of them are well too fond of, has never appeared to include very much ACCURATE American History!

One of the things that our father taught us that has stuck, is: "When you write about something, make sure it is something that you KNOW SOMETHING ABOUT!" (Or, can FIND-OUT about). We are bewildered by those to whom we just referred, and it does not seem to us that they have a handle on very much AMERICAN -- especially NOT ACCURATE American History! Mind what you refer to as "REVISED." Especially when you are wrong!

Read more Ol' Tuck here! You may need a .pdf reader to view this file.

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