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Welcome To Chilton County News in Clanton, Alabama, "Chilton NLCounty's Best-Read Weekly Community Newspaper" located in the center of the State of Alabama in the Heart Of Dixie. This web site contains local Peach Country information, news and happenings about the people of Clanton, Jemison, Thorsby, Maplesville, Isabella, Verbena and Cooper in Chilton County, Alabama.


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One Dies In Shooting

The Jemison Police Department has released details of a shooting incident that happened Monday evening, July 24, at a gas station at Exit 219 in Jemison.

According to the Police Department, at approximately 6:30 p.m., a call was received about a shooting incident.

When police officers arrived on the scene, a 32 year-old female was located and taken into custody.

She is the shooting suspect, but no names are being released at this time.

A small caliber handgun was recovered from the suspect.
Officer's discovered the victim, a 22 year-old female, dead inside a vehicle.

Both the suspect and the victim were from South Alabama and were traveling in the vehicle together.

Police do not believe anyone else was involved and the motive for the shooting was unknown by police Monday night.

A weapon has been recovered and the suspect has been arrested and charged with first degree murder.


Logs Roll

A truck loaded with logs lost part of its load Saturday afternoon, July 22, just before 3:00 o’clock at the intersection of Lake Mitchell Road and County Road 41 in Clanton. The truck was on County Road 41, turning onto Lake Mitchell Road when the accident happened. Police were called to direct traffic while the logs were pushed off the road. There were no reported injuries in the mishap.

Man Charged With Murder

The Chilton County Sheriff’s Office has issued a statement in regard to a disturbance on Thursday, July 20, on County Road 958. At approximately 9:15 p.m., Sheriff’s Deputies and Jemison Police responded to a call. Upon arrival, a female victim was found in the front yard of the residence suffering from a stab wound.

The victim was treated and pronounced dead at the scene. She has been identified as Luvenia Washington Simon, 54, a resident of the home.

The scene investigators conducted interviews and processed the scene after which they took Mrs. Simon’s husband, Tony Jeffery Simon, 53, into custody. He was also a resident of the home.

According to reports from the Sheriff’s office, it appears that a domestic dispute occurred between the Simons which resulted in Mrs. Simon’s death.

Tony Simon has been charged with one count of murder and bond has been set at $150,000.00. No further suspects are being sought in the investigation and no further charges are expected.


Livestock Deaths

A severe lightning storm in Clanton on Monday afternoon, July 17, is believed to be the cause of death for three donkeys owned by Ralph Mims. The field where the donkeys died is located at 247 County Road 77.

Two of the donkeys were located at the base of a tree while the third donkey was several feet away from the tree.

Other livestock in the area where the donkeys died were not affected. Mims would like to stress the importance of staying indoors when is lightning outside. “People need to take storms seriously,” he said. “Lightning is dangerous.”


Field Of Sunflowers

Todd and Kim Sheridan own and operate a farm three miles west of Autaugaville on Highway 14, at the corner of County Road 33 in Autauga County. They have 32 acres of sunflowers which are at peak bloom right now.

The Sheridans planted 800,000 seeds. The farm received 21” of rain during the month of June and for that reason, the flowers are more delicate this year. “We leave the property open at all times and everyone is invited to visit at no charge, Kim Sheridan said. “We just ask people not to damage the flowers because they are a source of income for our farm.” She added that there have been numerous people from Chilton County visit the field to take pictures.

At the end of August, the flowers will be harvested. The are an important source of oil for cooking and margarine and the seeds are edible. The hulls will be sold to dairy farmers for their nutrient value. The sunflower is a tall North American plant of the daisy family, with very large golden-rayed flowers.

Garbage Collection Changes

Dale Collins, Superintendent of the Street and Sanitation Department in Clanton, would like to notify the citizens of a time-change for garbage collection. Beginning on Monday, July 10, garbage routes will begin at 5:50 a.m.

“Please have your carts out the day before your route day,” Collins said. This change in time is to beat the summer heat.”

Derek Gray conducts the auction of Jerry Harrison's First Place basket of Chilton County peaches. The auction was held June 24 in Clanton and the Carolina Belle peaches sold for $3,400.00.


A truck on fire Wednesday morning, around 7:15, caused the northbound lanes of I-65 to be closed at the 210 mile-marker. Firemen from Clanton and Cedar Grove were called to the scene.


The Chilton County Farmers Federation purchased the First Place basket of peaches at the Peach Auction on Saturday, June 24 for $3,400.00. The peaches were grown by Jerry Harrison and were the Carolina Bell variety.

Front left, Cambree Crumpton, Young Miss Peach, and Maggi Beth Harrison, Little Miss Peach. Back row, left to right: Wendell Kelley of the Farmers Federation, Abigail Porter, Miss Peach; Jerry Harrison, and Halle Sullivan, Junior Miss Peach.

Mountain View Orchards, Steve Wilson and Andy Millard, grew the Second Place basket of July Prince peaches. Third Place was grown by M&M Farms, Mark and Melissa Knight and were the Paul Friday Lucky 13 variety.

Jared Burnette Farms grew the Fourth Place basket and Henry and Suzanne Williams grew the Fifth Place basket. Both Burnette and Williams entered the Bounty variety.


Martha Bell Jones, left, and Ola Faye Pierce Gilliam were recognized at the 2017 Miss Peach Pageant Thursday evening, June 22. Mrs. Jones is the 1954 Peach Queen and Mrs. Gilliam is the 1959 Peach Queen.

The Queens were supposed to serve as Grand Marshalls at this year’s Peach Parade. The parade has been cancelled due to the predicted rain on Saturday. The Peach Auction will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the Senior Connection building located in the Park Plaza Shopping Center near the City Park.

The Anvil Weight Of
Intolerance Around
Lady Liberty's Neck!

It is difficult for us to understand how so many would-be American citizens have been "politicized" to the degree that they are totally without reason or rationalization when it comes to what is good for America -- and what is trash!

The radicals among us insist that our present President is unfit to serve. Their rationale for that belief of theirs is totally unclear, and, as far as we can determine, they have no alternative except to take to the streets and to blather about how bad off we are "because. . . blah, blah. . ."

It has to come to mind! Has our education system in America become so irrational that it is helping to create warped citizens who do not really know what they believe or why?All they seem to be able to do -- is to complain!

The radical element to which we refer here seems to be those who would have us accept a Hillary with all her baggage as though it would be a fair and better choice than what we now have.

Read more Ol' Tuck here! You may need a .pdf reader to view this file.

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