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Wait And See On Peach Crop!

By Becky Tucker, News Reporter
Temperatures last week plunged as low as 26 degrees in some areas of north Chilton County Wednesday and Thursday mornings. The extent of the damage experienced to the peach crop and blueberries is yet to be determined. However, if fruit, such as plums, figs, kiwi, and peaches, were already on the trees, chances are they were destroyed.

It appears strawberries that were covered survived the frigid temperatures.

Taylor Boozer Hatchett of Boozer Farms said it is still hard to tell about the blueberries. “The blooms are so small and are in clusters,” she said. “It looks like we’ve received some damage, but we won’t know the extent until we get some sunshine and warmer days. We can then easily distinguish killed blooms from surviving ones.”
Hatchett, along with others at Boozer Farms, started at 8:15 Wednesday night trying to protect the blueberry crop by building fires and moving air around with sprayers attached to their tractors. “It was a long busy night which ended around 7:00 Thursday morning,” she said.

Mark Knight of M&M Farms in Clanton said, “We have a unique area where peaches have flourished for years and now we have started having these short, warm winters.” The warm winters don’t produce enough chill hours and that has happened the last two winters in Chilton County. Warm winters, along with last fall’s drought, and now the freezing temperatures could result in a low production peach crop this year.

It’s going to take some time to tell the extent of damage to everything. “The deal is, if you had plum trees that had fruit on them, it doesn’t take very long to freeze and they probably did,” Knight said.
Elevation plays a factor in whether or not the peach blooms will be affected. Trees in bloom in flat areas will be hurt more. Thursday morning Knight said it never got below 31 degrees at his location and hopefully the trees that were in bud or just blooming were not affected by the freeze. “Thankfully some of the early varieties make so many blooms and so many peaches, they have to be thinned extensively,” he said. “We’re hoping there will be plenty of good blooms left because we haven’t gone back in and worked them yet like we usually do.”

Statistics state if it gets to 26 degrees, it’s going to get about 25 percent of blooms. Farmers are hopeful that it didn’t get over 25 percent of their blooms. “It’s not going to be an easy year. Because of the sporadic blooming we will be spraying constantly,” Knight said. “It will make for an interesting year if the upper part of Alabama, the Carolinas and Georgia got hurt as bad as everyone thinks, then peaches are going to be scarce. It’s going to make peaches a premium no matter what size they are or what they look like. ”


Clanton First United Methodist Church recently donated $14,915.00 to the Chilton County Board of Education to help with the purchase of Chromebooks for classrooms. Money was raised through donations from the congregation during the Advent season at the church.

Tommy Glasscock, left, accepted the donation as Superintendent of Education from church members Nancy Bentley and Tom Cuthbert.

Chilton's Cold Weather

From Justin Gentry, Chilton County Weather Observer
Recorded Lows For March 15, 2017
Jemison - Union Grove 26 degrees
Thorsby - Chilton Research and Extension Center 29 degrees
Thorsby - Boozer Farms 28 degrees
Fairview - Durbin Farms 28 degrees
Clanton - Airport 29 degrees
Lows for March 16, 2017
Jemison - Union Grove 27 degrees
Thorsby - Chilton Research and Extension Center 27 degrees
Thorsby - Boozer Farms 26 degrees
Fairview - Durbin Farms 27 degrees
Clanton - Airport 25 degrees

As a rule, any temperature under freezing is usually damaging to Chilton County’s various crops. The extent of the damage will be known in the next few days.


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