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The Chilton County Farmers Federation purchased the First Place basket of peaches at the Peach Auction on Saturday, June 24 for $3,400.00. The peaches were grown by Jerry Harrison and were the Carolina Bell variety.

Front left, Cambree Crumpton, Young Miss Peach, and Maggi Beth Harrison, Little Miss Peach. Back row, left to right: Wendell Kelley of the Farmers Federation, Abigail Porter, Miss Peach; Jerry Harrison, and Halle Sullivan, Junior Miss Peach.

Mountain View Orchards, Steve Wilson and Andy Millard, grew the Second Place basket of July Prince peaches. Third Place was grown by M&M Farms, Mark and Melissa Knight and were the Paul Friday Lucky 13 variety.

Jared Burnette Farms grew the Fourth Place basket and Henry and Suzanne Williams grew the Fifth Place basket. Both Burnette and Williams entered the Bounty variety.


Martha Bell Jones, left, and Ola Faye Pierce Gilliam were recognized at the 2017 Miss Peach Pageant Thursday evening, June 22. Mrs. Jones is the 1954 Peach Queen and Mrs. Gilliam is the 1959 Peach Queen.

The Queens were supposed to serve as Grand Marshalls at this year’s Peach Parade. The parade has been cancelled due to the predicted rain on Saturday. The Peach Auction will be held at 10:30 a.m. Saturday in the Senior Connection building located in the Park Plaza Shopping Center near the City Park.


Abigail Porter was crowned 2017 Miss Peach by Hannah Tierce, 2016 Miss Peach, Thursday night, June 22. Her court includes: Anna Mims, Third Alternate; Celeste Montgomery, First Alternate; Brianna Price, Second Alternate; Courtney Penton, Fourth Alternate; and Tiffany Davis, Miss Congeniality.


Former Peach Queens

Former Chilton County Miss Peach Queens gathered for a reunion Wednesday night, June 21, in celebration of the 70th Anniversary of the Peach Festival. The event was held at the Orchard House located at Peach Park in Clanton.

Those in attendance included, front row, left to right: Leslie Vaughn Bean, 1980; Lesia Mills Childress, 1979; Tam Marcus Patrick, 1977; Ola Faye Pierce Gilliam, 1959; and Martha Bell Jones, 1954.

Back row, left to right: Gidget Crabb Burnette, 1987; Roslyn Gore Driver, 1994; Ashley Beth Barnhill Thomas, 1999; Julie Davis Bentley, 2001; Allison Cobb Bright, 2004; Meghan Patterson Owens, 2006; Keeley Patterson Tayloe, 2008; Tayler Mazingo, 2014; Kendal Elijah, 2015; and Hannah Tierce, 2016.


Halle Sullivan was crowned 2017 Junior Miss Peach Tuesday night, June 20, by Grace Nolen, 2016 Junior Miss Peach. Sullivan also was named Casual Wear Winner.

Her court includes: Allison Giles, First Alternate and Miss Congeniality; Saniya Underwood, Second Alternate; Kassidy Payne, Third Alternate; and Abbi Calhoun, Fourth Alternate.


Cambree Crumpton was crowned the 2017 Young Miss Peach by the 2016 Queen, Cresley Haggard, at Monday night’s Peach Pageant.

The 2017 Young Miss Court includes: Lexie Deavers, First Alternate and Casual Wear Winner; Braelynn Brooks, Second Alternate; Marissa Smitherman, Third Alternate; and Ryleigh Pierce, Fourth Alternate.


Maggi Beth Harrison, the seven-year-old daughter of Marty and Karen Harrison of Clanton was crowned 2017 Little Miss Peach Saturday night, June 17. She was crowned by the 2016 Little Miss Peach, Mary Henning Dale.

Her court includes: Blaire Adams, First Alternate and Casual Wear Winner; Sophie Oaks, Second Alternate; Elizabeth Gray, Third Alternate; and Leelah Penley, Fourth Alternate.


Rickya Parker, left, won the Sweet Category, Youth Division, of the Peach Festival Cook-Off, held Saturday, June 17 in Clanton. Camryn Lindsey, center, won the Savory Category, Youth Division, and Claire Ellen Jolley won Honorable Mention in the Youth Division.


Phyllis Cofer, left, won the Sweet Category, Adult Division, of the Peach Festival Cook-Off. Nathan Wilkerson won the Savory Category and Canned Category, Adult Division.


Dwight Swindle, right,was the winner of the Kitchen Aid mixer presented by Janice Kelley at Saturday's Peach Festival Cook-Off.


Chamber Peach Jam T-shirts
Kaity Wilkins, left, and Ashlynn Jones are wearing this year’s Peach Jam T-shirts which will go on sale Friday, June 16. Adult sizes are $12.00 each and youth sizes are $10.00 each.

The shirts are available at the Chilton County Chamber of Commerce office located at 500 Fifth Avenue North. For more information, call 755-2400.


Peach Festival Art Show
The annual Peach Festival Art Show is being held in the lobby of Peoples Southern Bank in downtown Clanton through Wednesday, June 21.

Danny Foshee, pictured, won First Place in the Senior Division. Martha Honeycutt received Second Place, Gloria Ruth Ronayne received Third Place, and Randy Moates received Honorable Mention.

In the Youth Division, Aiden Turner won First Place and Honorable Mention. Charlotte Blencowe received Second and Third Place awards.

Many Chilton County Farmers
May Be Out Of Peaches By Mid-Month

Many peach farmers in the county are experiencing less than a bumper crop in their peach harvest this year. In fact, two consecutive years of insufficient chill hours are a huge factor in the shortage of peaches.

The drought last fall and the freeze this March, when many of the trees were ready to bloom, has caused damage to trees. Some farmers have lost trees that were in their prime. Even if farmers plant new trees, it takes three years for a new tree to produce fruit.

Many farmers have said their peach season will end within a couple of weeks. It is simply not cost efficient for farmers to continue to spray and harvest, when there are only four or five peaches on a tree.

The peaches available right now are very good. If you want to eat a peach this season, you need to do so now. Chances are, come July, there won’t be very many peaches around.

In past years, local markets were able to purchase peaches wholesale from surrounding states like Georgia and South Carolina. This year, all states east of the Mississippi are experiencing a lack of peaches.

Some farmers are planting row-crops like squash and okra to make up for the loss of peaches. A flood of squash on the markets last week resulted in the price falling from $21.00 for a box of squash to $7.00.
Not the best of times to be a peach farmer in Chilton County, Alabama.


Local farmers selling produce on Saturday, June 3 at the Calera Farmers' Market included: Boozer Farms, Evans Farms, and Sweet Gum Farm.

"Peach Jam" Will Be June 23

The Chilton County Chamber of Commerce is preparing for the 13th Annual Peach Jam Jubilee to be held Friday night, June 23. The event will be held from 5:00 until 10:00 p.m.

According to Chamber President Jason Calhoun, sponsorships are filling fast. “We are always looking for new vendors,” he said. “Anyone interested in being a sponsor or inquiring about a vendor space needs to contact Christina Wilkins at 205-755-2400.

Calhoun said there will be two bands performing along with local talent. Cotton Bird will liven things up with well-known party favorites. One of the band’s members is Walon Smith, of Chilton County, who performs vocals and on the guitar.

The second band will be Sassy Brown, a blues type band. “We will also have a disc jockey to play music in-between the bands,” Calhoun said.

Applications and requests may be made on-line at the website or by emailing

The Anvil Weight Of
Intolerance Around
Lady Liberty's Neck!

It is difficult for us to understand how so many would-be American citizens have been "politicized" to the degree that they are totally without reason or rationalization when it comes to what is good for America -- and what is trash!

The radicals among us insist that our present President is unfit to serve. Their rationale for that belief of theirs is totally unclear, and, as far as we can determine, they have no alternative except to take to the streets and to blather about how bad off we are "because. . . blah, blah. . ."

It has to come to mind! Has our education system in America become so irrational that it is helping to create warped citizens who do not really know what they believe or why?All they seem to be able to do -- is to complain!

The radical element to which we refer here seems to be those who would have us accept a Hillary with all her baggage as though it would be a fair and better choice than what we now have.

Read more Ol' Tuck here! You may need a .pdf reader to view this file.

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